Rust Preventives

At Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Company, we manufacture a wide range of corrosion inhibitors to meet the most demanding industrial cases. We’re capable of blending specific-use products to meet your unique requirements. All metalworking fluids are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, totes and in bulk.

Contact us with any further questions regarding product recommendations and custom product orders.

Valrust 900 & Valrust 900 Concentrate

Valrust 900 & Valrust 900 Concentrate are unique water based rust inhibitors to be applied to ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Valrust 900 is ready to use while the Valrust 900 Concentrate will need to be diluted to 10% by the end user.

Soluble Oil CDJ

Soluble Oil CDJ is designed to give good indoor rust protection on finished parts waiting for shipment or between metal working processes. Soluble Oil CDJ should be diluted with water at 10% to 20% concentration to give excellent indoor rust protection.

Valrust 1631 (MS2247)

Valrust 1631 forms a light, transparent film providing polar chemical and physical barrier protection against rust and stain on ferrous metal surfaces. The film cures by solvent evaporation and remains pliable so that it smears with rubbing action to prevent breaking of film continuity. Valrust 1631 meets Caterpillar Specification MS 2247.

Valrust Amber (Mil-C-16173D grade 4, MIL-P-116 grade P-19)

Valrust Amber meets a MIL-C-16173D grade 4, MIL-P-116 grade P-19 preservative. It is a corrosion preventive compound designed to protect ferrous metals in both indoor and outdoor storage conditions. The tack-free film permits handling of parts without damage to the coating.

Valrust 1391

Valrust 1391 forms a thin oily film providing lightly oiled polar chemical and physical barrier protection against rust and stain on ferrous metal stock, machined parts and assemblies. The water displacing/water separating property makes it economical for use in applications where contamination from water based fluids is a problem. Water will separate from the rust preventive so it can be drained off the bottom.

Valrust 1609

Valrust 1609 was designed for use on automatic weapons, lubricating rapid fire mechanisms at subzero temperatures and preventing accumulation of corrosive condensation. It meets the requirements of MIL-L-644B, VV-L- 800, and Ford ESH-M7C60-A.

Valrust VC200 & VC200 Concentrate (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors)

Valrust VC-200 is an outstanding preservative oil for enclosed systems, such as engine crankcases, transmissions, hydraulic reservoirs, and cylinders, fuel tanks and gear cases. Valrust VC-200 combines contact protection with vapor phase protection. Thus, surfaces from which the liquid coating has drained, or which are accessible only by vapor contact, continue to be protected from rust and corrosion. A vapor phase corrosion inhibitor diffuses from the liquid throughout an entire enclosed system or area, thereby providing an invisible rust protective coating, even in the presence of moist air or condensate.