At Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Company, our world-class cleaners are manufactured for use in most industrial cleaning operations, available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, totes and in bulk.

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A heavy-duty, multi-purpose liquid cleaner that can be used for any conceivable cleaning operation.


A world-class economical and versatile cleaner, especially effective as an oil breaker in parts cleaners while limiting foam. Recommended for collecting oil to recycle through Rock Valley Oil’s Full Circle Renewal™.


A heavy-duty, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner designed to remove heavy soils and grease.

6474 AL

A multi-purpose alkaline cleaner that is safe for aluminum cleaning or methods requiring a mild caustic cleaner.

Rockleen 9030

A multi-purpose cleaner that was designed for use on a variety of cleaning operations such as steam and spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, surface cleaning and floor scrubbing. RocKleen 9030’s synergistic blend of rust preventatives keeps parts rust free.

Rockleen 9040

A heavy-duty, caustic-free, neutral cleaner that was designed for surface cleaning and floor scrubbing.

MEK & Acetone

Ketone family solvents

Toluene & Xylene

Benzene-free aromatic solvents

142 Solvent, Stoddard Solvent, & Mineral Spirits