Quench Oil

Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Company manufactures an extensive line of coolants, cutting oils, and quenching oils. Our products are designed to meet a broad range of industrial applications. All metalworking fluids and quenching oils are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, totes and in bulk.

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A very fast quench oil designed to impart maximum hardness values to low carbon and low alloy steels. Its low viscosity allows uniform hardening of irregular shaped parts, or parts packaged in baskets.


A fast quench oil designed to impart hardness values to low carbon through low allow steels while giving long life and clean parts. Its low viscosity ensures uniform part hardness and reduces drag-out.


A fast quench oil that is an economical alternative to the more oxidative stable Q1070.


A premium light-colored oil with new generation additives used to yield long life, clean parts and desirable cooling rates. Its low viscosity yields uniform part hardness and results in minimal drag-out.


A premium fast quench, low viscosity oil with additives used to result in long life, clean parts and desired cooling rates.


A fast quench oil compounded from premium base oils for use at high temperatures while still giving moderately fast quench rates. Its high flash point makes Q40 an attractive product for use up to 300-degrees Fahrenheit.


Light in color, this slower quench oil is highly stable throughout the hardening temperature range, providing superior service where a moderate rate of quench is preferred with minimum distortion.

RVQ 600

A premium quality oil formulated for use at high temperatures, with a high flash point making RVQ 600 an attractive product for use between 300- and 350-degrees Fahrenheit.