At Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Company, we produce a wide range of miscellaneous and form release oils to meet our clients’ needs. All miscellaneous fluids are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, totes and in bulk.

Contact us with any further questions regarding product recommendations and custom product orders.

Air Tool Oils

We manufacture several different air tool oils that are designed to provide lubrication and corrosion protection for pneumatic hand tools.

Rock Drill Oils

Rock Drill Oils are heavily fortified with lubricity and extreme pressure additives to prevent wear on heavy shock loaded pneumatic tools such as jack hammers, rock drills and sinkers.

Vacuum Pump Oils

Vacuum Pump Oil is a high quality, non-additive oil designed especially for use in vacuum pumps. The inherent stability and low vapor pressure characteristics of this oil make it ideal for use in extremely low-pressure conditions.

Form Release Oils

Form Release Oils are sprayed on concrete forms prior to pouring the concrete. The oil film contains active ingredients that react with the caustic components of the concrete and form soaps which allows the form to be released from the concrete once set. We manufacture many different types to meet the needs of a particular application.

Pattern Release Oils

Pattern Release Oils are similar to the form release oils but they are used in sand casting applications and allow the casting to be released from the sand cast mold.