Oil Based Rust Preventatives

Our selection of oil-based rust preventives stands up to the toughest conditions. At Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Company, we can blend unique oil-based rust preventives and Valrust corrosion inhibitors to fit your exact specifications.

Valrust 1391

Valrust 1391 forms a thin oily film providing lightly oiled polar chemical and physical barrier protection against rust and stain on ferrous metal stock, machined parts and assemblies. The water displacing/water separating property makes it economical for use in applications where contamination from water based fluids is a problem. Water will separate from the rust preventive so it can be drained off the bottom.

Valrust 1609

Valrust 1609 was designed for use on automatic weapons, lubricating rapid fire mechanisms at subzero temperatures and preventing accumulation of corrosive condensation. It meets the requirements of MIL-L-644B, VV-L- 800, and Ford ESH-M7C60-A.