Viscor™ Reference and Test Fluids

Viscor Reference and Filter Test Fluids are filter saturants manufactured to the precise specifications defined by the ISO and NFPA for the filtration industry for oil filters, fuel filters and air filters. Our Filter Test Fluids also meet SAE J1260 oil filter test requirements.


VISCOR™ RFO 3-93 Oil Filter Test Fluid SAE J 1260

An Engine Oil Reference Fluid for use in SAE J 806 and SAE J1260 test procedures.

VISCOR™ L4264V-96 Fuel Filter Test Fluid/SAE J 1696

A Diesel Fuel Reference Fluid for use in SAE J 905 and SAE J 1895 test procedures.

Air Filters

We manufacture a variety of Air Filter Saturants and Coatings developed for increasing and improving filter efficiency and dirt load capacity. Contact us to learn more.