Hydraulic Oils

At Rock Valley Oil Company, we sell a wide range of hydraulic oils. From trojan hydraulic oils to special use hydraulic oils, we have a solution for every application.

Trojan Series Hydraulic Oils

Our Trojan Series Hydraulic Oils represent our top-of-the-line, premium grade and fully supported hydraulic oils.

PTO Series Hydraulic Oils

Our PTO line of hydraulic oils exhibits the same premium qualities as the Trojan hydraulic oils, but is not supported by our fluid monitoring program.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils

Our Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Oils include both regular and high-pressure water glycol fluids (WG 200 & WG5046HP).

Special Use Hydraulic Oils

We manufacture a variety of additional forms of hydraulic oils including Universal Snow Plow Oil and S-924 Universal Shock Oil.